I am FAA certified for Part 107 drone flights, as required by federal law. It is ILLEGAL for anyone without a Part 107 certification to fly a drone for in the furtherance of business. Even if the pilot is your friend, even if the pilot doesn’t charge you; if it’s for business purposes, the drone pilot MUST have the FAA-issued Part 107 certificate.


Don’t break federal law by using a pilot who does not have the Part 107 certificate!


In addition to the Part 107 certificate, I am also insured for drone operations! This protects both me and you, and the site, and anyone else in connection with my drone operations.


And here’s something really cool – I can provide you with a “360 view” of your listing!  Check out https://www.facebook.com/156085191456291/photos/a.167431840321626/700630140335124/?type=3&theater 


My 360 views can be customized with your name, contact information, logo, and other doodads and information that can help with your marketing programs.


You can add drone still-shot images to your real estate listing shoot starting at $50. Prices will vary based on other products ordered, and are based on job location, degree of difficulty, FAA required clearances for controlled airspace flights, and other factors.


Structural inspection flights are available as well. Please contact me to discuss your drone options!


PLEASE NOTE: Drone flights may be restricted or even impossible at certain locations, and flights can be limited by weather and other safety considerations. I will not put people on the ground or manned aircraft at risk. It’s just not worth it. If you want a thrill seeker or risk taker, you’ll need to call someone else. Cancellations due to weather may or may not incur a charge.