Q:  What are your prices?  What is a "job" going to cost?

A:  Prices vary!  I understand the desire to determine costs, but the variability in the imaging business is nearly infinite.  For this reason I like to give minimums and go from there.  Being a small business, I of course have many costs, and it's also nice to make a bit of profit too!

Headshots in studio start at $75.

Headshots on location start at $100.

Events will generally start at $300, for example, a small gathering and a couple hours of coverage.  A wedding with 500 guests, drone, video and 10 hours of coverage with 3 shooters will most definitely not be $300!

Drone flights start at $50.

Real estate stills start at $135.

Senior/fashion shoots start at $125

Video pricing starts at $100 per minute of final production time.  For example, a 2 minute video will cost a minimum of $200.  Prices will vary based on many factors with video production.

Other services strictly per quote.

Q:  Do I provide RAW or otherwise unprocessed stills or video files?

A:  Highly unlikely, unless I am contracted as a "second shooter" by another photographer and it's agreed upon ahead of time. These files are my work product and are not culled for content or composition and most importantly do not have corrections applied to them.  It would be like a bakery handing you flour, eggs and milk instead of the cake you ordered.

Q:  How long will I store your images?

A:  A minimum of 120 days.  Likely longer, but you MUST make provisions to download your products before the deadline.

Q:  Do I help with physical prints?

A:  YES!  My monitor and processes are color and exposure calibrated with my own printer and the labs I use to assure the most accurate end results possible!  I can print up to 13" x 19" on paper for the fastest turn around time.  For larger prints and other media like metal, canvas, acrylic, wood, specialty papers, I use professional labs.

Q:  Am I insured?

A:  Yes, the business is insured overall, and also specifically for drone operations.  I can provide a COI for your shoots upon request.

Q:  Do I use a written contract?

A:  I prefer to yes.  That document will cover all parties and enumerates what we can expect from each other.  As a practical matter, it may not be totally necessary for some projects.

Q:  Will I use your images/videos for portfolio purposes?

A:  Possibly yes!  I am proud of the images I produce and hope to use images to gain more business in the future.  If you prefer NOT to have your images used for my portfolio, just ask, we can put that in the contract.  In either case I will NEVER sell your images without terms and conditions we agree to in writing.

Q:  Can you use my images that I see on the Facebook page or on other websites?

A:  If you pay me!!!  By default, federal copyright applies to any image/video I create, whether it has the copyright symbol on it or not.  If you use an image/video of mine without permission, you are breaking federal law.  That will NOT work out well for you, I assure you!  If you want to use an image of mine, contact me, we can likely work something out.